Project E - партнерство профессионального и талантливого архитектора Григорьевой Екатерины и опытного и мудрого финансиста и менеджера Зиновьевой Елены. Наша общая цель - создание объектов, гармоничных как снаружи так и изнутри, отвечающих всем требованиям современной жизни, сохраняющих свою актуальность, несмотря на быстро меняющееся время. Все проекты создаются в полном согласии с индивидуальностью Клиента, видением на долгую перспективу и в рамках обозначенного бюджета. и of professional and experienced Architects and Project Managers. Our goal is to create spaces which are harmonious both internally and externally as well as accommodating all the requirements of contemporary living while also reflecting the individuality of the space and the personality of the Client.

In our earlier days our company was known for incorporating classical interiors with eclectic influences, as the company has aged the designs have simplified and softened appealing to good taste and quiet understated luxury providing havens from overzealous designs.

It is important to us to ensure that our designs are mindful of the cultural traditions and comforts of our Clients.

Our Services:

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Planning
  • Project Maintenance
  • Interior Decoration
  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Site Supervision
  • Supply of furniture and artworks


Project E provides full architectural design from taking the Clients Brief through to the completion of the perfect project. We provide initially sketch designs to aid in the understanding of the Client Brief and once agreed we provide detailed designs and technical drawings and Specifications to ensure that the works can be carried out on site to the exact requirements of the Clients Brief. We can advise on specialist consultants, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers where required. We also provide full site supervision thus ensuring that our exacting quality standards are met during the construction works.

Interior design:

Our Interior Design Services include the production of initial Concept Designs which allows the Client to fully understand the concept and see that it coincides with their requirements. Once agreed the Concept Design is detailed up to full design and technical drawings and specifications with 3D sketches indicating what the finished product will look like. We design and fully detail all bespoke items such as panelling, doors, built-in furniture, kitchens etc. and we provide full site supervision to ensure that our exacting quality standards are met during the construction works.

Interior Decoration:

Project E has vast experience of interior decorations, wall, floor and ceiling finishes, curtains, carpets and furniture. We have built up over the years a network of international suppliers of fabrics, textiles, paints, furniture and object d’art all of which add life to an interior and ensuring the desired atmosphere is achieved.